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MNGophers29 wrote:

The Rube wrote:

It’s all good, man. :)

And yes, next week’s Mayans…then…we have to wait until next season. The best/worst part of any series.

I have had to stay away while I caught up on Mayans. Finally did yesterday. Holy hell, is the last episode going to be 3 hours? Otherwise I feel like it will be a rush to tie up all the story lines.

Also, I think Marcus turns on Miguel. Just my gut. He was one of my favorites in SoA and always seems to be in a more honorable spot than everyone else.

I dunno. Bishop made it pretty clear that Marcus wasn’t a Mayan anymore. I could see Marcus just walk away from it all. He’s savvy enough to avoid Galindo’s hit squad, I think. I don’t think they’ll tie up ALL the storylines…The one flaw in series like this…you know EZ is going to come out of it, somehow, since he’s the main focus of the series. Although, that would be one HELL of a twist, and then make Angel the main focus. HIS storyline is just as complex…