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The Rube wrote:

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The Rube wrote:

W Kamau Bell’s “United Shades Of America” new season started tonight on CNN. Subject: Policing In America.

I am a big fan of him and his show. He forces conversations, no matter how uncomfortable, without really rabble-rousing the masses. It’s an intelligent, well-thought-out presentation each episode. Highly HIGHLY recommend.

Bonus: very interactive convo w/him and the followers on the Tweeter Machine, generally very respectful comments and discussion, not argumentative (there are a couple strays, there are always some of those).

Look, I’m sorry in advance, I love The Rube 99.9 percent of the time. However, if GPL wants to smartly steer clear of politics, remove this. I live in an affected city and I am in no mood to discuss what destroyed my city and why I’m seriously considering leaving MN.

If it needs to be removed, I have no issue with that. I posted my post very carefully, so as not to state any opinion about where I stand. I simply wish to express that it is an intelligent show, that is worth watching.

Rube, I apologize. I read waaay too much into a post and overreacted. Thank you also to the mods and Jup for not following some bad advice.