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I think that this storyline was caused because Alvarez left, if he was still a Mayan this wouldn’t happen. Like Bishop said…”this three king thing isn’t working out”

And overall, Sutter (writer/co-creator) left. Not too much cartel/Agent Potter stuff lately.

Thank gawd on the Potter absence…that is a character from SOA is waaay over the top. The Galindo angle I didn’t mind until this season because Miguel has turned into a spazz but sooner or later he is going to return that call from the medical examiner to start that storyline I would imagine.

IMO, I think the sit-down with Pops will re-focus Galindo. Overall, I think this co-writer/whatever is closing up the storylines that Sutter helped (or maybe solo-created) by doing things like that. The more I think about it, Sutter wanted a cartel/revolutionaries show, with the Mayans simply as a catalyst. The other guy wanted a Mayans show, and wanted to deal with the organization and chapter issues within said organization, with some allowances on what they deal with, what they face. A tighter focus, if you will.

As for Blade’s point, I agree that SOA focused more on the bad-assness, and the individual’s drama. There was a telling quote in this last ep, when EZ was talking to Steve The Prospect: it’s about destroying your ego, so you put your actions for the greater good of the group. Paraphrasing, but along those lines. Also, the “three kings don’t work.” I think that was a subtle shot at Sutter. Sutter was in it for his own vision, not everyone’s vision of what this show should be.

The first 2 seasons, we have the cartel, the revolutionaries, and the Mayans. The “three kings don’t work.” ;) Now, it’s the Mayans time to be king (as the main focus of the show).