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Mayans MC S3, Ep 3:

I won’t post about this anymore if no one else is watching it. Sending out the Bat Signal. It ramped up hardcore this season. The difference between Sutter being involved (as the previous two seasons) and now is noticeable. I know there was controversy with Sutter (and frankly, I think he’s a complete brash a-hole genius), but handing off the show was the best move he made. I very much look forward to how this series goes.

Mayans is one of the shows I’ve been meaning to watch but i didn’t watch S1 or 2 so I’ve got some catching up to do.

The Mexican culture (as opposed to the white trash in SOA) is a huge difference in Mayans, despite the Mayans being located in the US. Lots of Mex-US crossover. Traditions, ways of life, etc.

I am enjoying the 3rd season very much too. Bummed about Coco but that will be an interesting story line to see how it plays out. If this show goes on a couple seasons, I could see EZ being El Presidente.

Coco is bumming me out. He’s loco, but good-hearted. I’m expecting 5-6 seasons (this would include a split last season, as has been the trend for shows like this). I’m guessing EZ becoming El Presidente was Kurt’s main goal (it’s what he knows, given SOA), but now that he’s gone, who knows?