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:censored: ing spectacular.

Absolutely :censored: ing spectacular.

If you’re an MCU fan I dare say this may become a must-watch.

The next MCU series starts in a couple weeks and I don’t think there’s gonna be another season of Wandavision. They were mostly setting up Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange and since the last episode was called “The Series Finale” that’s prolly it for any time soon. It’s too bad cause I thought it was a very unique experience and really well written. From the trailer for the Winter Soldier series it looks like a more traditional Marvel deal with a buddy cop kinda feel.

Agreed. Wandavision definitely opened the MCU to more of the darker and mystical world that Dr. Strange is going to be dealing with in Dr. Strange 2. My guess is we won’t see a S2 of Wandavision but they needed to have this series in order to develop her powers. She’s likely going to be among the most powerful characters, if not THE most powerful character in the MCU for a couple years and she couldn’t really go from where we last saw her in Endgame (obviously very powerful but not nearly as powerful as she’s capable of) to God-tier powers and just ignore how she got the extra juice.

My guess is that Falcon and Winter Soldier will most likely introduce the creation of the Thunderbolts and I’m pretty sure the trailers for Falcon and Winter Soldier include some sights of Madripoor which is a big location for X-Men and could feasibly be used for X-Men teasers. I’m really interested to see how that show turns out.