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I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of Clarice and I’m not sure I will stick through it unless it gets better. It has promise and I truly like the lead they cast to play the main role. But come on this is Silence of the Lambs territory not paint by numbers murder mystery of the week. Hannibal did this world far better and I hope the creators of this show add some grit soon.

I watched the first episode and have the second recorded. It’s network TV. They have a murder of the week and just put Clarice’s name on it. There was almost no connection to Silence of the Lambs. You are correct, Hannibal did a great job with this. It was weird and different.

Sad thing is Hannibal was a network show and they still nailed it. Had it been HBO it might lasted longer though. Always rumors of a 4th season but I’m not holding my breath.