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Has anyone watched Lupin yet (Netflix streaming)? I saw the trailer tonight and it looks interesting.

The acting is not wicked good, but the story is quite good and I’d recommend.

I agree with this. I liked that it was only a 5 episode arc so you could binge watch it quickly.

I read a lot about Wandavision on Disney+. Has anyone actually watched it? Personally I’m not a huge fan nor interested in the tv shows featuring the lesser Avengers characters.

I am watching it. So far it has been exceptional. FWIW, Wanda figures to be a very important character in the next wave of Avengers movies. She’s technically one of the most powerful beings in the universe. We got a taste of it in Endgame when she had her battle with Thanos. I believe Feige even mentioned about a year ago that she’s the most powerful character they’ve introduced in the MCU. Wandavision is also going to tie directly into Dr. Strange 2: The Multiverse of Madness. I expect that we’ll find out the main villain for Dr. Strange 2 introduces himself in some way, shape, or form in Wandavision.

The most important thing about Wandavision is how they are using it to expand on just how powerful she can be, as well as (IMO) being used as a way to introduce mutants into the MCU (because in the comics she and her brother were actually mutants)-though this is part is just my opinion and has not been confirmed by any showrunners. As of right now in MCU canon she and her brother got their powers as the product of experimentation. But they could pretty easily retcon that the experiments just pushed their mutations to the forefront (a la Deadpool).

They are also using this as a way to expand into the next generation of heros. Without spoiling anything, if you saw the end of Spiderman Far From Home and saw the post credit scene, where Nick Fury was in the post-credit scene is going to play a major part in the MCU going forward. That aspect is also being expanded in Wandavision.

Through 4 episodes of the show so far I have been extremely happy with the show and look forward to watching every Friday.