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    MNGophers29 wrote:

    The Rube wrote:

    I guess I will post this here:

    The History Of Swear Words (Netflix streaming):

    20 minute vignettes, each one based on a single cuss word. The first ep (only one I’ve seen so far) is of course on the F-dash-dash-dash word. Hosted by Nic Cage, who is completely tongue-in-cheek, like a satiric “Inside The Actor’s Studio” emcee. I enjoyed it. They do have a lexicographer, a scientist, and a linguistics expert in the mix, along with your random comedians/etc.

    Good light-hearted fun, and one may actually learn a thing or two.

    I started it and it had a Drunk History feel to it. Maybe I need to watch it half in the bag…

    I can attest that this is effective