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    davescharf wrote:

    I’ve always feared this happening on those huge overpasses you see down in Texas. I was driving back to DFW from east Texas once on a rainy day where the temp was real close to freezing and I was a bit nervous about it.

    I know what you mean. When I was living in DFW, I used to use the High Five Interchange between I-635 and 75. Usually it was in dry conditions and I’m sure it was fine, but no matter how many times I took it, I always got vertigo just by looking forward as the flyover interchange descended let alone looking left or right and seeing nothing but a single thin concrete barrier separating me from a serious fall, more than that West Allis truck driver.

    Unless we start building roads hundreds of feet in the air like in some of those futuristic sci-fi movies, we’re probably not going to get anything that high around here anytime soon since engineers have figured out how to condense these things in fewer layers. Not to mention that Upper Midwesterners would consider the High Five an eyesore.