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Zwak wrote:

Wisconsin health officials advise Wisconsin residents not to eat raw hamburger sandwiches.



p.s. I know its hard to beat Florida for crazy but Wisconsin has to be in second place.

The stuff that’s going to kill you in beef is, for the most part, E. coli, and it’s in the cows intestinal tract until the cow gets butchered. In industrial settings ground beef gets riddled with E. coli because the contents of the cow’s intestinal tract get spread over everything.

However in large cuts of meat, the E. coli is on the surface. So “blanch” your steak in boiling water, then chop on a sanitized cutting board with a sanitized knife or grind with a sanitized grinder and you’ll be fine.

I’m not going down to target and buying a pound of 80/20 ground beef and eating it raw, but I’ll eat tartare or carpaccio at a place with a good reputation.