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    Zwak wrote:

    Wisconsin health officials advise Wisconsin residents not to eat raw hamburger sandwiches.



    p.s. I know its hard to beat Florida for crazy but Wisconsin has to be in second place.

    I was once in Seiffen Germany over the holidays, staying at a very small local inn. European hotels often have large breakfast buffets but this place really laid out the spread. I was thrilled the first morning to see steak tartar, nicely mounded up with all the trimmings. I quickly put a big scoop on my plate and went to sit at a table. A nearby family commented on the fact they were surprised I was eating and obviously enjoying such a local food. I was confused and said I didn’t think steak tartar was a local specialty. They laughed out loud and said, that’s pork. Yup, raw pork! Bright red like beef, as REAL heritage pork truly looks like, is what lead to my confusion. Apparently raw pork tartar WAS a very local regional specialty. I laughed right back, explained I’m from Iowa and that it was delicious and finished it off. I had it the second morning too!