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    The NCAA says seniors who have could not play their spring games can get another year, Barry Alvarez says no they can not 🤯

    When the NCAA said spring sport athletes could come back for another year I wondered what that would do for scholarships. If a Senior softball player comes back for the ’21 season does that use up a scholarship that some first-year student would normally get?

    One possible solution would be a 1-year exemption on the scholarship cap for those that would have graduated. However that doesn’t answer how they’d address any roster size caps.

    This article is vague in detail, but it sounds like the waiver included an exemption for scholarship caps.


    The arguments make he makes do make sense and it sounded like at least some of the impacted senior are ready to move on anyway. Though I kind of wonder if he would feel the same if it was Fall sports (i.e. football) that was affected.