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    Central Wisconsin is crazy. Marshfield Merril Point Wausau…. all of them.

    Youngest son went to Point – stories he shared were insane – made me wonder about the ones he didn’t share.

    Had a friend from Wausau in college we would take steelhead fishing with us … his idea of fun steelhead fishing was downing acid first. We had to corral him and sent him back to the cities.

    In-laws up in Rhinelander area. A local got mad at his neighbors and burned his cabin down. Not the neighbors he was mad at – HIS OWN – then refused to rebuild it to spite them. Probably got insurance payout but was such a dump it would have only bought the guy a few more drunks.

    I refer to that whole area as Wiscotucky except that would be unfair to Bluegrass Hillbilly’s everywhere.