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Can’t think of a better thread to put this in but last night on our way home we were just west of Madison when three cars pass my wife going at least 90mph.

The third car was a little behind the other two, but drove up hard in the left lane on a car in front of him and maybe 50 yards in front of us a lane over. I’m still not sure how the guy didn’t just drive straight into the back of him but he managed not to and in the process of swerving into the shoulder tagged a concrete wall on the side at about 40-50mph. Fortunately the car didn’t cross back into traffic because he’d have taken out a few cars (including us) and a semi.

My wife and I were discussing it after I called in the accident and she asked me if thought the guy was drunk and who would be drunk at 8pm. I had to remind her where we were and that he may have been off somewhere to find a deer given they beat LSU.