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I guess this is the best place to post this. My buddy that went to Madison posted some Huffington Post article of college rankings for top 10 happiest students. Buckyville was number one, which, whatever, I don’t really care. But this was the quote that ended the article:

“And that experience is joy-making and unlike any other says Ashley, a Junior majoring in Biology. “Sometimes students from other schools will ask me where I go to college, and I will say ‘Wisconsin.’ Their excited expression will instantly turn to shame, and all they will manage to get out is an ‘oh’, because they immediately know no story they can tell will top what I have done. I will not need to say a thing, they will just understand. They know that their wildest night of college was just a regular Thursday for us. We Wisconsin kids are a special breed. And – trust me – everyone else is jealous.””

All I can say is, wow. Talk about :censored:ing arrogant. Seriously exemplifies everything I can’t stand about that place. Even good people pop out of their thinking their shit smells like roses (rose reference not intended).