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You can’t make this stuff up…

I want a soft shell, and this is a stickup. Give me all your money,” the suspect reportedly told the cashier.

The woman tried pulling a hammer from her shorts pocket but could not remove the weapon after tugging on the handle, reports stated. The cashier pressed the restaurant’s panic button and called 911. The suspect fled without any money, police said.

Yes, alcohol was involved. It’s Wisconsin. What did you expect?


I laughed out loud twice while reading the short article. I love the method of ordering a taco and an attempted robbery. Multi-tasking…nice.

Good Lord, this had it all. Pregnant and drunk. Wooden hammers caught in shorts. Running away from the scene without throwing said hammer away. In pink and white flip-flops.

I give it a thumbs-up, 4 stars (would be 5, but pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking, so it’s sorta funny/depressing…)